Screenwriter - Overview

AAM’s Theatre Management System – Screenwriter – is designed to unlock the real benefits of digital cinema.

Screenwriter features include

  • One-click content and KDM management
  • Intuitive playlist creation and scheduling
  • Intelligent CPL selection
  • Automated pre-show management
  • Greatly enhanced advertising capabilities

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Key features explained:

Content & KDMs
Automatically transfer content when creating playlist and schedules. See full content and KDM details in one single view, more like a desktop app and less like a website.
Screenwriter makes scheduling shows easier than ever, providing an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful functionality that saves time by automatically transferring content, while reporting conflicts and errors.
Manual playback control of all screens from Screenwriter. Monitor all your screens and see instant feedback of playback status.
Centralised playlist creation with transfer to screen servers. Move missing content to servers so you always have the right content in the right place. Point of sale integration for schedule importing.
Complex configuration
Configure your complex setup and manage your screens, with the option to add multiple servers to the same screen.
Real-time reporting
Get real time feedback from equipment across even the largest cinemas. Stay informed about missing or expired KDMs, invalid playlists, schedules and content. Monitor screens and see instant feedback of playback status.
IP camera integration
See exactly what is happening in any of your auditoria with support for IP camera integration. [optional extra]
Enhanced advertising
Dynamically insert ads based on playlist templates and user defined rules (rating, time of day, 2D/3D). Make third party campaign management simple & straightforward. [optional extra]
Intelligent CPL selection
Automatically select the correct version of a CPL (2D/3D, aspect ratio, 5.1/7.1 sound, subtitles etc) based on metadata for each screen. [optional extra]

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