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AAM offers a comprehensive range of digital cinema content services, from encoding, reversioning and subtitling, to DCP (Digital Cinema Package) creation and distribution to your requirements – worldwide and via satellite or hard drive.

We also offer live event management and delivery of live content to cinemas, and worldwide KDM management – all via our in-house digital cinema lab.

See below or contact us to find out how we can help with your content requirements.

Arts Alliance Media is a CDSA and FACT Accredited Facility

   FACT Accredited


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Explore our services:

Your film delivered with consistent quality to your partners and your audience - DCP creation from all sources.

If you’re a sales agent or technical servicing company, AAM can help you make the most of digital cinema with a full range of DCP creation and reversioning services.

Digital cinema advertising offers great flexibility and delivery savings. AAM is at the forefront of digital cinema advertising.

Whether its DCP creation or distribution, DCP delivery via satellite or hard drive, or KDM servicing, AAM can help you get your film to the audience.

We take care of the technical aspects of broadcasting live events to cinemas so that you can focus on giving the audience the best experience possible.